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We are actively expanding sales departments or start to build high level sales offices. We motivate your sales employees to peak performance.

Sales partnership are agreed on regional, national and international level; we refer to our national and international references.

We do methodically, scientific Business Development focusing on management.

We're proud to be the exclusive Business Analysis-Partner of the recognised, intependent LEITBETRIEBE AUSTRIA INSTITUTE.

Our objective is the evaluation of strategy, planning and implementation as well as the Identification of profit drivers. Based on the outcome of the qualitative Business-Analysis customers usually entrust us with the implementation of recommended measures. Together we bring the entrepreneur clarity in challenging entrepreneurial situations and create stability. 

Group Companies

Group companies control future business success by evaluating/analysing earning drivers in subsidiaries. Therefore owners provide managers of the subsidiaries with exciting business control tools. Bases on the objective analysis results it will be possible to develop new ideas and implement earning drivers to the group structure .

Family Business

Familys prepare the next generation on the job to avoid problems characterized in the company succession. There are stages in the life cycle of family buisness that are especially tricky to be handled.

Cultural Institutions

A cultural institution or cultural organization is an organization within a culture/sub-culture that works for the preservation or promotion of culture. The term is especially used of public and charitable organizations, but its range of meaning can be very broad. Examples of cultural institutions in modern society are museums, libraries and archives, churches, art galleries.

press release, 11th July 2006:

Peter Spiess - MD of ideas consulting, commissioned -  has completed first year of managing German branch of Impression group.
One year ago, the Austrian lawyer Peter Spiess, took over the leadership of the printing giant "eclipse" Berlin; group management draws a positive interim result: "We're very confident with the business development in 2006... We duplicated the number of our clients and we exhibited our double digit turnover, what shows us that we're heading into the right direction.
Peter Spiess"eclipse" is the subsidiary company of the Belgian holding called "Impression", at the same time he is managing the Austrian Pendant "eclipse"-Vienna. There as well, he leaves - due to the name of the Belgian mother company - deep impressions. One could assume, the man with its origins in the green heart of Austria, is predestined to churn out black figures... "eclipse" can be considered as the market leader in large format printing and operates with screen-, digital and offset printing techniques. "We assess ourselves in Germany as well as in Austria as marketing services enterprise, which tries a very difficult balancing act between a printing company and an advertising agency - and we manage very well!" assures Spiess. And it's by no means a mystification that the Belgians have chosen an "Ösi" for this picky and delicate job....
With 15 production facilities Europe-wide "Impression group" has a much bigger capacity than most of the other printing shops together in Austria. 
The German "eclipse" head-quarter settled down in Berlin Mitte, not far from "the wall". "Our aim is, to be as individualistic as our clients are, added with a whiff of spleen", as Spiess wants to be known.