DISCREET HEADHUNTING - career accompaniment

We'r able to communicate with your favorite employees or partners in an anonymously way. In terms of talents, we are perceived as a career companion.

Our long term experience will lead us to our agreed target. Depending on the time pressure and sensitiveness of our mandate we apply different methods for obtaining confidence. Finally, we cast your position by substantially complete the portfolio of our mandate. Further on we feel responsible for the ongoing development of your team!

People make us happy!

Our meaning of modern headhunting is the achievement of the set goals. 

Our credo: Treat others how you wanted to be treated.

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TOP EVENT, May 2018!


4 voluntary innovative Candidates im LIVE APPLICATIONTRAINING, ASSESSMENT 

For active participants and interested visitors | free of charge; limited entree

When: Thursday, 17.05.2018, 07:00 pm  Vienna | Lawiers Association - Juristenverband

Where: Erste Campus Belvedere, Vienna 10., Am Belvedere 1

Registration, obligatory: Web Page - JURISTENVERBAND

Recruiter / Interviewer: Ministerialrat Mag. Dr. Martin Janda, BMDW | Mag. Anne Frank, Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG | Mag. Ursula Hückel, WKÖ |  Mag. Catharin Valenza, Schönherr RAe GmbH | Hon-Prof Dr. Georg Schima, M.B.L. HSG, LL.M. (Vaduz)

Moderation and pre Applicants Coaching: Peter Spiess, ideas business GmbH