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For Business Innovation projects we use targeted measures; each focusing on the positive economic effect. Innovative Business development is different to pure Sales.

Business development cannot be reduced to a few standard procedures.

Some techniques are:

  • assessing the innovativeness of teams and/or individual employees
  • the assessment of marketing opportunities and markets
  • the market analyses
  • the initiation of future business and repeat business
  • the writing of business plans
  • the drafting of concrete business models

Successful business development mostly appears due to the merging of different aspects, a so called interdisciplinary approach. Essential features of this activity are the creativity and the willingness to discuss once existing thinking and be adapted to new challenges. 

  • Small and medium enterprises often lack in structures for business development. They spent most of their time in care of existing customer contacts. 
  • Large companies know about the importance of business development even though most of them put their focus on maintenance of strategic partnerships and alliances.

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qualitative Business-Analysis:

Soft- und Hard-Facts-Analysis: gaining the evaluation of strategy, planing and implemantation as well as the identifikation of the Business Buccess Drivers together with well known research Institutions.

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